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This is the outline of our entire web site.
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Creator of original, innovative games that are fun for all ages.
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Games for sale, including the amazing Tessaron™.
: Tessaron™
the Stacking Strategy Board Game™.
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Buy it online!
: Images
More pictures of the game.
: Quick Reference
A quick explanation of how the game is played.
: Instruction Guide
A more thorough explanation of the game, including a beginning tutorial, as well as tips on strategy.
: Introduction
Welcome to Tessaron™, The Stacking Strategy Board Game™.
: Connectivity
Links between spaces are key to game play.
: Stacking
Stacking (and unstacking) is what makes this game so interesting.
: Taking a Turn
This is where the fun begins!
: Playing the Game
Now let's bring it all together.
: Basic Strategy
Here are some tips to get you started.
: Advanced Strategy
Here are some more advanced techniques you can try.
: Have Fun
Remember that the overriding goal of any game is to have fun.
: Appendix A - Background
You might be wondering where Tessaron™ came from.
: Appendix B - Geometry
Four dimensions make a difference!
: Patent
So unique, it's covered by a patent!
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Company and web site updates.
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Information about SuperDimension Games™, and this web site.
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About this web site.
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