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Tessaron™, the Stacking Strategy Board Game
The goal is simple: control every stack on the board.

The higher your stacks, the greater your reach. But to use that reach, you must unstack your pieces, and unstacking may release an opponent's piece that will be used against you. Pieces can move across the entire board in one turn, so you must think globally as well as locally. Tessaron is a different game every time you play. The tide can turn at any moment, so you will have to stay on your toes. The rules are easy to learn, but it could take a lifetime to develop a winning strategy!

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From the moment you open the box, we think you will be pleased with your purchase. The pieces are engineered to be easy to grasp and move, even when stacked. The board has an appealing and soothing design, and the surface is coated to insure a long life.

Tessaron™ offers incredible game play. (It's addictive!) Once you get the basic idea, it's hard to stop playing. The concept is deceptively simple at first, yet the strategy can go very deep. The rules combine local and global action. Opening moves, long term strategy, and end-game tactics all play a role.

Your purchase includes the game board, 64 pieces, quick reference sheet, and the full instruction guide. It's new, it's original, and it's way cool!